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New ways to manage small and medium enterprises are now becoming extremely popular topic to new generation project managers and priority study subject for project management scholars.  Agile software methodology is catching up in the industry due it’s adaptability and fast turnaround capability.

Small and medium enterprises were considered both agile and virtual but managing change in IT development life cycle has become even tough for small and medium enterprises due to rapidly changing requirements.

Small and medium enterprises face various challenge while executing a change request.

  • Skilled employees are often absorbed into small and medium enterprises and they are used to proper change management process and often show reluctance to rapid change request.
  • The change may require a call for new structure for management and often the traditional software development model may not be the best suit.

Hence there is a need of an enterprise structure that are Agile and Virtual.

What distinguishes agile virtual enterprises from their traditional counter parts is the ability to rapidly adapt and react to change in requirement and have fast turnaround.  Often the team size is a critical and crucial parameter for fast turnaround to change requirement.

We will be covering more topics based on Agile virtual change management and how to implement them in my forth coming blogs.

“Agile Virtual Enterprises: Implementation and Management Support” is a great book that covers in detail to become truly agile virtual organization.

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    1. Santhosh Raviendranath Post author

      Hi Jacuri,
      I wish you all the success and please do not hesitate to post any issues you face when becoming Agile, I would be glad to answer any related queries from my experience.

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    I agree with you. This type of projects should be encouraged and I think that these type of projects are the projects for the future.

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    I am sure I will become Agile virtual soon, but post more with new updates, so that we can all discuss and share issues that we have.

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